Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari


“An inspiration for managers, leaders and everybody who is interested in the life of Enzo Ferrari.”, 6.edition, 370 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1548099077, ISBN-10: 1548099074

Born 1898 in the Northern-Italian city of Modena, Enzo Ferrari lived his dream and founded the world’s most famous sports car manufacturer. This book analyzes how he achieved his goals by what are considered to be modern concepts. Or were leadership theories, emotional intelligence, business ethics, client orientation and sustainability already guiding principles of business in the beginning of the last century.

In his own words, and drawing several parallels to Italian history, he thought he was living in the wrong time. But taking off  Il Commendatore’s sunglasses, this book presents him as a surprisingly modern leader, who, conscious or not, acted conform the latest business and leadership models, confirmed by key decisions of his company, including the racing-team.

Therefore, the book not only uses racing decisions and car development as examples, including many photos, but sets them in relation to his personal business philosophy.


eBook (as the book, but without the numerous photos):

It was an honor of me that “Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari” was included into the archive of the prestigious Museo Storico Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo Documentation Centre was set up in the 1960s with the aim of preserving and promoting the history of the brand. It now comprises an extensive historical archive containing digitised images that can be viewed, technical publications, drawings, film footage and documentation covering the whole history of the company, its racing achievements and its products. It starts from the original document establishing A.L.F.A., signed on 24 June 1910, and continues up to documentation on the most recent cars. The Alfa Romeo Documentation Centre is located within the Arese site that also includes the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum. It is a constantly expanding facility, supporting the company’s initiatives and promoting awareness of it for Alfa Romeo experts and enthusiasts too.





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