“An inspiration for managers, leaders and everybody who is interested in the life of Enzo Ferrari.”

Born back in 1898, Enzo Ferrari’s life stays relevant, as his philosophy based on integrity, respect and humbleness did not lost anything of its importance. Just the opposite, such values are the pillars for sustainable success and a protection against fraud and corruption. Many of his decisions let to tangible results and can be related directly to championships and the development of unique automobiles.

It was a pleasure to discover Enzo Ferrari’s world, also as it was not only a journey into the past, but explains a business culture, which is still present today. For this on a second level, this book is more than a biography, but is also based on my 10 years of business experience in Mexico and Latin America in general.  It presents the Latin countries not as risk factors, but as a business culture, which can inspire us. Doing so, Enzo’s ideas are similar to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Richard Branson. Interesting here is that these people not only live and lived nearly half a century later than him, but furthermore have and had been active in complete different cultural regions and types of business.

Thanks to his emotional intelligence and self-education, Enzo Ferrari was able to handle difficult situations and different kind of characters, comparable to today’s Millennials. We have modern theories and vocabulary, but if you analyze the person, Enzo’s skills and methods still would make him today a modern and successful leader.

Integrity based leadership is not just comfortable for the employees, but it is an important success-factor for the company. Due to the brand evaluation consultancy “Brand Finance”, Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand today. With an overall ranking of AAA+, it received top scores in the categories desirability, loyalty and consumer sentiment to visual identify, online presence and employee satisfaction; just as Enzo described it as “elite works”. Being leader in these categories allows the company to sell their cars with attractive margins and use the prancing horse further for other merchandising as clothes, watches and even strollers. The Ferrari Corporation is not the exception, but the rule that integrity leads to profitable and sustainable business.

Taking one of his quotes “I should like to put something new into my cars every morning”, I also detected myself to continuously change and add parts to book. For this the actual third edition includes many updates to the first one.


Henz, Patrick (2015): “Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari – from motorsports to business”, 5. edition, 330 pages