Data Driven F1 Legends: Niki Lauda

Come and join Ganna Pogrebna and Patrick Henz as they pay homage to the legendary Niki Lauda. The three-time Formula1 champion gained notoriety when he survived a horrific crash during the 1976 German Grand Prix and remarkably returned to racing only six weeks later.

Data Driven F1 Facts: Aston Martin F1

Come along on a new journey with Ganna Pogrebna and Patrick Henz as they explore the remarkable beginning of the 2023 Formula 1 season for Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso. Learn about the team's extensive past and present as Ganna and Patrick deliver astute analysis and commentary. Be sure not to overlook this thrilling investigation of one of the most renowned brands in motorsport.

Video: Legal & Ethical Implications of AI Systematic Errors

My sincere gratitude goes out to MedicRes for affording me the privilege and pleasure of presenting a course on the legal and ethical implications of AI systematic errors. I was particularly delighted to have had the opportunity to deliver this training with a specific focus on physicians and the healthcare sector.

Data Driven F1: Season 1984

The 1984 Formula One season was a year of new technology, fierce competition, and dominant performances from the McLaren team, which set the stage for many exciting and memorable moments in the sport's history. Ganna Pogrebna and Patrick Henz analyze the 1984 F1 season, discussing races, drivers, cars, and the season's legacy.

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