Living and working ten years in Mexico, including visiting other Latin American offices, allows you to receive a precious insight into the local business culture. Because of globalization and digitization, the world moves closer, but nevertheless some habits and characteristics stay fortunately the same.

It is interesting to understand Latin culture, as key values as “trust”, “relations” and “respect” stay relevant today as they had been in last century’s Italy or even much earlier in the Roman Empire. If we take a manager and leader as Enzo Ferrari, we understand that his toolkit of soft- and hard -skills stayed relevant. Due to this, he and his companions are an inspiration for the actual generation of leaders, especially as thanks to today’s possibilities, the economies of scale are decreasing and a more craftsman business approach can lead again to success.


It was a pleasure to combine my personal business experience with Enzo Ferrari’s business philosophy to present his generation as modern and successful leaders, who are worth to get rediscovered! Often the business cases are directly related to a special car model or a championship, so that the book is further an entertaining view on person and companies, starting with his family background, the Alfa Romeo years, Auto Avio Costruzioni and finally his own Ferrari Company.

Such a success story cannot get told only from the inside, so we learn about other important figures as for example Vittorio Jano, Carlo Chiti, Giotto Bizzarrini, Ferruccio Lamborghini, but also Tazio Nuvolari and Niki Lauda.

The results are now on 330 pages, including numerous photos:

Henz, Patrick (2016): “Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari”