Risk Appetite and the Lauda Formula

Niki Lauda’ famous quote “I accept every time I get in my car there’s 20% chance I could die,” teaches us precious lessons how to create an efficient corporate risk assessment; not only identifying risks,  but adequate act based on them.  Continue reading Risk Appetite and the Lauda Formula


Undercut, AI and Disruption

In the world of business, the undercut can be related to disruption. Based on information and its interpretation, companies may come to the conclusion that the actual setup is not comparative anymore, but there is the possibility to change strategy and offer something different, relevant for the potential target-group. Continue reading Undercut, AI and Disruption

Business Excellence leads to Compliance

As Bill Gates knows: “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” Vettel won today, and definitely there are lessons to be learnt from this, especially as he also experienced victory and defeat in the actual season. But to focus on Raikkonen, Enzo Ferrari once stated: “Bad luck does not exist.” Even if this statement can be softened, the core message stays relevant. In this example: If there had not been an inefficient process on Saturday, Räikkönen had been most likely in a safer position on Sunday, with this less vulnerable to factors, which had been outside his or the team’s control. Continue reading Business Excellence leads to Compliance