The risk of an utterly unimaginable present; living in a Philip K. Dick reality

The New York Times Book Review once concluded that “Dick’s best books always describe a future that is both entirely recognizable and utterly unimaginable.”

Thanks to digital assistants, intelligent algorithms (as part of search-engines) and “spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups”, we may have not recognized it yet, but Henry Farrell concluded in the Boston Review that we already live in a Philip K. Dick reality.

As the author mostly described dystopian scenarios, the question is what to learn, and how to avoid or to get out them. The answer is to rise information and knowledge; to keep mankind empathic. PKD’s numerous short stories and novels include precious lessons, as they describe often a near future, partly already reality. What does it mean to be human and how algorithms “robotize” us? To avoid these risks, we have to understand them! In a second step, we can focus on the positive possibilities that technology and development offer us.

These thoughts let to my book “Tomorrow’s Business Ethics – Philip K. Dick vs. W. Edwards Deming“, also available as audiobook.

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