After ten years of experience I wanted to write a different Compliance book. A practical manual, not only how to implement and manage Compliance, but to go further and provide guidance & inspiration how to interpret & understand the Compliance role.

To achieve this, I conducted two benchmarks. First I compared an Ethics & Compliance-system with the creation and setup of a successful race car. Doing so, I divided the different parts in:

  • Engine / Values
  • Chassis / Processes, Controls & Tools
  • Suspension / Cultural Knowledge, Involvement
  • Brakes / Ethical Blindness
  • Telemetry / Compliance Communication
  • Rear-Mirrors / Competition
  • Dash Board, Steering Wheel / Monitoring
  • Sponsors / Commitment
  • Lights / Strategy
  • Tires / Adequate Compliance Resources & Training
  • Driver Seat / Compliance Personal
  • Test Driver / Near to Business
  • Helmet / Personal Risk Assessment

Due to a holistic approach, all parts have to be synchronized to create an efficient system. To ensure a practical approach, each chapter includes the key take-aways as toolbox.

The second benchmark is with a traditional Mafia organization (always keeping in mind that Compliance and Mafia stand on opposite sides). With a focus on behavior, the advanced reader learns about the importance of group dynamics, social relations and rituals.

In the final chapter the book discusses Compliance’s new challenges related to Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence.

“Compliance is a Race Car.” is available as book and ebook.