1984 is relevant for futurists, especially if they paint a darker picture of the future. Not only because of George Orwell’s famous novel and the introduction of “Big Brother” into pop culture, but it was also the year where William Gibson wrote “Neuromancer”, the book which defined “cyberpunk”.  A dystopian vision, where skilled hackers work in virtual realities. The society is highly automated, but without a general base salary. Humans do not benefit from the automation. The value of human skills diminished. To compete on the labor-market, most individuals augmented their-selves with implemented chips and software.

Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence mostly gets presented as a positive vision of the future, leading to job enlargement and functions with a higher grade of human dignity. Technology has no soul, by its design it is not good or bad. Human can use it to create a better world or at least work-space, but this is no automatic decision. Technology has to be planned and implemented with knowledge, ethics and integrity!

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