Due to Michael Andretti is a racing car “an animal with a thousand adjustment”.  A similarity to the Compliance system, as the whole is complex and a change in one detail influences the whole. Even if the adjustment raises the efficiency in one specific part, the overall effect maybe negative; or the other way around.

Relevant is not only the Compliance system itself, but furthermore how it adapts to the personal character and background of the Compliance Officer, including the personnel. Only if the person feels 100% comfortable with the program, he or she is able to become one with it. Formula One champion Juan Manuel Fangio resumed it: “The driver of a racing car is a component. When I first began, I used to grip the steering wheel firmly, and I changed gear so hard that I damaged my hand.”


Business means competition and Compliance is a race car. A benchmark with motor-sports presents many relevant results for the Compliance department. An inspiration to bring the system to a higher level.

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