The Strangest Things: From Multiple Universes To Business Ethics

Netflix’s hit series “The Stranger Things” sends us back into the eighties. A time where video-games still had been at maximum two-dimensional. Space Invader’s laser cannon could go to the left and right, it moved on just one dimension. Pac Man ran through a labyrinth, he used already two dimensions.  In opposite to these electronic games had been role-play adventures a la Dungeons & Dragons en vogue. Even if existed miniature figures, the game visualized inside the player’s head, as a game master read from a book and explained the challenges, a real 3D-experience. In addition to the group games, there had been published several books as solo adventures. The reader had the possibility to decide in different situations how the character reacts. Depending on this, he or she continues reading on a different page. Based on the combination of decisions, it was always a different story to experience.

Time is generally defined as the fourth dimension. If we define that it is possible to move free inside the dimensions, it would be possible to move in time from beginning to end, and end to beginning. Similar to rewind a VHS-tape. A general possibility, but based on the limitation of our existence not possible for a human. Just as Pac Man is not able to escape his two-dimensional labyrinth. The consequence of a four dimensional universe would be that the free will is an illusion, as everything already is decided. Humans would not be accountable for their actions and decisions.

If we analyze our life, sometimes small decisions had a big impact. If we had acted differently back in time, our today’s life would be completely different. Actual theories indicate that there may exist an infinity number of dimensions, so practically each decision would open up a new universe.[1] The Big Bang was not only the start of a three dimensional spreading over the time, but furthermore the unfolding of universes. Concluding this theory, there exists for each action a consequence and each possible decision had been realized in a different dimension. Ergo, the individual is free to choose and can be hold responsible. This philosophy underlines the rule of law, as the human is responsible for its actions, no excuse. As everything what can be imagined, happened in some far-away universe,  we have to take care that Pac Man does not stand behind us.[2]


[1] Howell, Elizabeth (2016): “Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence”

[2] Henz, Patrick (2017): “Access Granted – Tomorrow’s Business Ethics”


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