Enzo 4.0 – The Digital Counselor

How about a discussion with the company’s founder to understand his or her opinion on sustainability or principles? A great opportunity to create a disruptive moment and to avoid that an individual gets rushed into a wrong decision.

Based on information like biographies and documentations, software designers can create a chat-bot with the required character and knowledge, including its strengths and weaknesses. This is the starting point, as the software will learn thru the continuous interactions with its human student. Based on the programmed character, the chat-bot perceives information and processes it. In this process the software connects today’s topics with the simulated attitudes and believes. As result, leaders from the past can give relevant advise for today’s challenges.

First Virtual Counselors may come from a non-expected side. The video game industry licenses sports leagues and events directly from the official organizers. This way they are able to simulate the original teams including the real players. We already have the technical possibility to simulate real humans, as it is possible instead of creating the individual style of playing, picture the individual’s philosophy of life and business.

Fascinating new opportunities, which require strong data privacy processes. More about this in the podcast, available in the next three months at:


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