Director Ridley Scott brought 1979 a movies into the theaters, which should define a new genre, a combination between science fiction and horror, this in dark technological setting. Its status as a cult movie reached “Alien” also thanks to the used designs by the Swiss painter and visual artist H.R. Giger. The plot of the movie is fast told. The crew of the commercial spacecraft “Nostromo” received an unknown transmission, coming from a planetoid. To investigate this, they landed on the surface and find an alien space ship. Inside are numerous eggs. One Alien slipped, attacked and attached to a crew-member. Violating quarantine regulations and disobeying the direct orders by Warrant Officer Ripley, they crew brought the Alien on board. They had been able to detach it, but by then it already included its egg inside the incautious Kane. Shortly later a newborn Alien slipped outside his stomach and continuously killed one-by-one the crew members, before finally Ripley could kill it.

The movie has precious lessons for companies, especially related effective teams and change management. Explained in the “Access Granted – Tomorrow’s Business Ethics”-podcast and available for free the next three months at: