Market in Cuedzalan, Puebla, Mexico. Photo copyright by Patrick Henz.

The Power of Disruption

“Disruption” is in fashion today, to stop the current and give opportunity to the new. Disruption does not automatically mean that something will be implemented, but that a break can be used to think about the status quo and potential alternatives. A new decision making process will choose between continuing on the known path or change to a new one.

For an individual regular disruptions are required to avoid a “tunnel vision” and related behavior risks. In our modern times it gets more and more complicated to get a break, as thanks to connected smart devices employees read and answer their emails not only inside their regular working hours, but also before and after, including on week-ends and holidays. Even the classic TV-evening does not give the required escape, as tablet and smart phones became a regular “second screen” to switch the eyes between TV and computer.

Market in Cuedzalan, Puebla, Mexico. Photo copyright by Patrick Henz.
Market in Cuedzalan, Puebla, Mexico. Photo copyright by Patrick Henz.

Important possibility for disruption are the employee’s holidays or also business travels. “Traveling educates” is not only a phrase, but new locations and meeting other people are always a source of inspiration. The individual connects the new impression with his or her actual life and tasks. After the time off, such new ideas can make the person re-think his or her tasks and, hopefully, make such more effective.

The company’s HR department shall ensure that employees take their annual holidays and furthermore that over-time gets limited. Employees with a “private life” receive input from different settings. Inspirations and fresh ideas get back to the company and due to this, the employee gets more valuable for the organization. Bill Gates understood this relation and once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  He formulated  it provocative, because being outside the office does not mean being lazy, as leisure time can be used actively.

Especially today, where jobs get automatized by robots and AI, the company shall be aware that on positions where we need human employees, we have to treat them as such and not similar to machines. If not, humans are vulnerable for failures and errors. Humans treated as humans, develop the skills to protect themselves against negative psychological biases.


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