Even if the first experiments are promising, it is still not possible to let an Artificial Intelligence (AI) watch TV to get data input. Machine Learning requires an immense number of information, prepared in an understandable format. Nevertheless automation is on the rise thanks to AI and robots. As these tools require connection, information will be the key-resource, even stronger as today.

Similar to minerals, companies and countries are competing to gain access to information. This leads to new models of cooperation, as seen, for example, in the automotive sector. The competing manufacturers Audi, BMW and Daimler Benz bought as consortium the map company “Here”. This to ensure a direct access to the crucial maps. Relevant for navigation systems, but furthermore also for self-driving cars. Of course, it is also strategic move around the question who will lead in future, the hardware- (car) or software-developer. The winner of this race will decide another relevant question, who will be the owner of the big amount of information, created by today’s and tomorrow’s cars, the hard- or software-partner. This data will push development and can cause the rise or fall of an industry.

Ethics & Compliance leads to sustainability, the same does Data Privacy. Clients (both, business and private clients) require a high level of trust to provide information. In opposite to its name “Cloud”, data is not flowing through the air, but stored on servers. Especially for business clients and sensible consumer information, the server location is relevant. A country with a known restrictive and efficient data privacy law offers a competitive advantage.

But not only pure safety, also access and quality of information is imperative. For several tasks, Artificial Intelligence offers a better quality in decision making than a human employee. This requires easy access to information and adequate IT-infrastructure, but also democracy and complete & unaltered data. If the base of the decision does not show the complete picture, human and artificial decision makers will come to sub-optimal results. A server location in a democratic and transparent country presents a competitive advantage.

As conclusion and besides all technological aspects, values and ethics stay relevant. With connecting different mathematical lines, it is possible to confirm all kind of relations, including a positive relation between storks and birth-rates. Important is not only to have a statistical relation, but a causal one. It is required is to create “smart data” out of “big data”. For this we not only need qualified employees, but as trustworthy ones. Transparency and an efficient Ethics & Compliance program are mandatory requirements to support data processing and exude confidence to the potential clients.