The Museu Storico Alfa Romeo presents the company’s rich history, showing an exquisite collection of street- and race-cars. One of the exhibited models is a Brabham Alfa Romeo BT45, the car with meant the return to Formula One in 1976 after the car manufacturer abandoned the world championship in 1951. Alfa left with Juan Manuel Fangio winning the title, nevertheless 25 years later, the company had to start again from the beginning and the season brought only a 14th position for Carlos Pace, second driver Carlos Reutemann reached the 16th.

1976: Brabham Alfa Romeo BT45, Museu Storio Alfa Romeo
1976: Brabham Alfa Romeo BT45, Museu Storico Alfa Romeo

Two years later, the car’s successor, the BT46 had been more competitive and could fight about the first race positions. Nevertheless driver Niki Lauda only won one race, where the car started with a mysterious fan. A valid lesson for Compliance, which I explained at the Mexican LEC page. The Spanish article can be found here.