The idea of this book is to go further than being a simple Compliance manual, as it should work on different levels. Newcomers and experts can learn about the different aspects to create an effective Ethics & Compliance system. The toolbox questions support the reader to understand if the own program is adequate or requires optimization. Furthermore, the book demonstrates that all parts of the program interact with each other, and the whole is more than the pure addition of the single items.

"Compliance is a Race Car.", 2. Edition, by Patrick Henz

The book invites the reader to a time travel, as it goes to the past to analyze what Compliance can learn from the structures of a traditional Mafia organization (always keeping in mind that Compliance and Mafia stand on opposite sides). Then it brings us back to the creation of a successful race car, to blast off and take a look into the near future to understands its new challenges based on Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence.

The different trips not only underline that “traveling educates” and due to this, Compliance is not a function to stay behind a desk. Ethics & Compliance is a task, which can be interpreted based on the own personal character and offers the required space and flexibility to climb up Maslow’s Pyramid.

“The world’s fastest Compliance book!”