In my book “Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari” I dedicated one chapter to “Sustainability”, today’s responsibility for tomorrow’s business. Of course, such a concept includes recycling, but not only of materials, but also ideas. Sometimes an idea or a design is ahead of its time or could not persuade management, nor other required target groups.

This is especially true for concept car, for what I present different examples. One of them is the 1981 Audi Quartz, designed by Pininfarina. Even if several ideas of the fully functional car had been included into future Audi models, the design itself not. But 15 years later, the lines finally found  their way to public roads, realized as Alfa Romeo GTV.

The GTV is still seen on our streets; Alfisti or other car enthusiasts can explore the Quartz at the the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt. Furthermore, it is an honor that copies of my book will be included into the company archives of both, Audi and Alfa Romeo.