The F1-86 was one of the technological most advanced cars of the 1986 Formula One season, including modern materials as carbon fiber and Kevlar. The car had been sharped in Ferrari’s one wind tunnel and the engine was one of the strongest in the field. Nevertheless the hoped results never came. Because of missing test kilometers before the start of the season, the engineers never achieved reliability.

Besides its technical features, the car was an electronic revolution, not on the track, but in many homes. The first time, game designers studied a Formula One car to give computer users, especially of the Commodore Amiga, the possibility to experience such a race car on their desks: “Ferrari Formula One Grand Prix Racing”. Doing so, the user had not just the possibility to sit behind the steering wheel and replace driver Stefan Johansson, but also to manage the team, find the ideal set up and chose the right tires. No need to say that beside the season’s tracks also the Ferrari own Fiorano could be used. Software studios in the 80’s still had not today’s budgets and possibilities, so Electronic Arts published the game two years after the ’86 season With this, it is exactly two years older than the first version of today’s annual PC & Playstation Formula 1 titles.