Enzo Ferrari spent an important part of his business career with Alfa Romeo. For this, my book “Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari” dedicated several chapters to the company; its employees and creations. When being in Milan a visit to the “Museo Storico Alfa Romeo” is a must! If you are staying in the middle of the city, it can be easily reached with the Red Line of the Metro, going all the way until the Rho-Fiera railroad station. Attention while buying the ticket: this is outside the metro-area. At the Rho Fiera-station, you can get a taxi for the last ten minutes to reach the museum.

It is build inside the old Arese production site and after a complete remodeling, it opened in 2016 again for the public. It really was worth it, as it is today more than a normal automobile museum, but can be seen as a museum of modern art, with the goal not only present the history, but let the visitor experience it. Thanks to his modern architecture and the efficient use of multimedia, including a 4D cinema, it is a wonderful visit for everybody, not only Alfisti.

Readers of my book can find here several of the described cars, like the 1932 P3, the car that Tazio Nuvolari let to the “Impossible Victory.” Or the Tipo 33 prototype race cars, a project let by Carlo Chiti, after he left the Ferrari Company.

1914: A.L.F.A. 40-60 HP Aerodinamica
1914: A.L.F.A. 40-60 HP Aerodinamica

Already the first car, which welcomes you to the collection has Ferrari roots, the 90’s March Alfa Romeo 90 CA. Its engine based on the Ferrari’s given up Indianapolis project. A special prepared ’35 Bimotore shows its two engines, one in the front, one in the back. Developed by Enzo and today recognized as the first Ferrari car. The 1914 Alfa Romeo 4-60 HP Aerodinamica is an early ancestor of today’s popular mini vans. Another of the museums highlights are the green ’68 Carabo and the ’51 159 Alfetta.

After the seeing all the cars you have the possibility to buy merchandising and books, or a real Alfa car from the show-room. After having a good in this real time tunnel, I feel proud and honored that the Alfa Museum included my book into its comprehensive archive.