The first two races of the 2016 Formula One season brought favorable results for the young Haas F1 Team. French driver Romain Grosjean already scored 8 points in the first race in Australia and in the second Grand Prix in Bahrain could even reach a fifth position with the 10 more points. After these two races, Haas F1 is in the Championship before established teams as Sauber or McLaren, including before the new Renault team.

Today many companies have implemented and effective systems, an analysis of these examples are a good starting point. As for all business decisions, “make or buy” is a relevant strategy. A complete Compliance program cannot be bought or outsourced, but nevertheless tools, for example for the management of the whistle-blower hotline, external partners or risk-assessment can be bought or leased.

With a lot of white surfaces on their race car and powered by a Ferrari engine, spectators may get reminded of the famous North American Racing Team, founded in 1958 by Enzo Ferrari’s friend and business partner Luigi Chinetti. Nevertheless the is no direct relation. Formula One team owner Gene Haas explained his entry strategy for the 2016 season, after he observed the championship for several years. In opposite to many other teams, Haas F1 tries to buy as many parts as possible and manufacture as less as possible. For this, the team does not only but the engine from Ferrari, but also the transmission, suspension and shock absorbers. Additional to this, the team took its time to actively enter into the Championship. 2015 they learnt from the Scuderia Ferrari as they mentor, not for free, as the sponsor logo on the 2015 SF15-T showed. But it seems that this upfront-investment paid out.

Another similarity between N.A.R.T. and Haas, both believe in Mexican drivers; N.A.R.T. had Pedro and Ricardo Rodríguez, Haas has Esteban Gutiérrez. Both Rodríguez brothers could score victories for the N.A.R.T.-Ferrari, including the 1000km of Paris, 2000km of Daytona or the 12 Hours of Reims. Due to their achievement the Mexico City race track got its name: “Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez” A good omen for Haas, not only for the 2016 Mexican Formula One-Grand Prix!

For Compliance is Mexico not only a country with a higher perceived corruption index, but on the other hand, also with motivated and skilled Compliance experts. A group of them met in the “Ethics & Compliance Forum Mexico” and used this as a base to create the “Mexican Ethics and Compliance Manual” (“Manual de Programa de Ética y Cumplimiento”) . A free source, which could by used by everyone who is able to understand Spanish.