In my book “Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari” I am telling the stories with presenting the reader a collection of the most iconic Ferrari cars. Of course, it would be great to take these classics out for a ride. If you do not have the luck of being the Sultan of Brunei and the proud owner of around 193 Ferrari cars, including two 250 GTOs, this gets difficult.

Something that experienced also Enzo himself: “I am bitter at my stupidity in not keeping at least one example of all the models we have built since 1940!”

“Virtual Heritage” not only wants to virtually preserve ancient sites, but also to resurrect lost archaeological treasures. This idea is applicable for historic cars and race-tracks. “Gran Turismo 6” (PlayStation 3) not only features actual Ferrari cars, as the 485 Italia or the California, but also let the player drive historic automobiles as the 1967 330 P4 or the ’71 Dino 246 GT. Cars, which in many cases do not exist anymore in the complete original versions or got completely lost over the time. The same is possible for racetracks, as it is virtual possible to recreate the original race-tracks, which based on safety requirements had to be changed over the decades. A fascinating possibility for today’s drivers to understand how yesterday’s cars handled and how different the tracks had been. GT6 features classic tracks as the Nuerburgring, Monaco, but also the Italian Monza.

The racing simulation “Test Drive” is itself a classic, as its first game already was published in 1987. Originally it was available for the Commodore C64, later also for Amiga, Amstrad, Apple II, Atari ST and MS DOS. Already this very first version included a Ferrari: the 80’s Testarossa. Much later the Test Drive-series included a Ferrari special: “Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends” (PlayStation 3, XBox 360, PC), including 51 different cars, starting with the first official Ferrari car, the 1947 125 S and ending with the 2011 Ferrari 150 Italia Formula 1 car.

Virtual Reality makes it today already possible that a racing driver can use a video-game like F1 2015 (PlayStation 4) to prepare himself for the next race. Also these annual games have a long tradition; already in 1988 you could drive a complete season on Amiga and Atari ST with the Ferrari F1/87 in “Ferrari Formula One”.

Of course no Virtual Reality can replace the real thing, but at least it gives you a first impression.