Pepe was the fastest race car in the early 1950’s and on the best way to win the World Championship. But then his opponent John started to use unfair measures and the deserved success seemed to be out of reach.

“4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – Start!” All the cars accelerated with maximum speed into the race. Left, right, right, straight on and left again. Pepe enjoyed it! After half time, he still was on the third position, but could see François and John fighting about the lead. It was a sharp right curve as he saw John breaking late, going alongside the blue car and then boxing him out of the race. Pepe recognized the gray official standing behind the boundary. He must had seen this unfair behavior and disqualify John for that. But to Pepe’s surprise nothing happened.


Pepe decided not to give up and to fight for his dream and against the corruption! A fast and entertaining book for children of 6 years and older. As ethical or corrupt behavior is learnt already in young years, the story is a good base to discuss this topic with parents or teachers.

Available as English and German edition.