Corruption has the effect of an additional tax for companies and citizens. As a result, the quality of life and economic growth is decreasing.
Experts from different organizations and companies, national and global ones, are meeting since 2011 in the Mexican Ethics and Compliance Forum to:
• Foster and promote best practices in business ethics and compliance
• Support government’s good practices, internal control, transparency, social responsibility and local law.
• Analyze and develop tools and / or processes for the practical application of ethics and compliance
• Coordinate actions and inquiries in front of governmental or regulatory entities about law initiatives and norms
• Foster the exchange of experiences and professional knowledge among members, participants and guests.
As a collective action, several members have written the “Ethics and Compliance Manual”, the first complete documentation, which is elaborated by local experts from the areas of audit, compliance, legal, risk management and sustainability. Doing so, the focus was to offer a program, which is usable also for medium and smaller seized companies.

You can download the PDF in Spanish language at: